Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet the Agents!

So, I figured I'd give you all a looksee at who works with me at the Agency! I'll start from the top and go down. I'll skip and come back to the people I don't really like...


Ada is my very best friend. She's a Mast Runner (glorified errand girl with a gun...just don't tell HER I worded it like that. She sometimes works as an assassin and is currently dating Falgun (who's a little too emo for my tastes). Even though she's the first model and the highest rank, she has stupid moments too. She comes in to my lab at least once a week "Belladonnaaaaa, I broke somethiiiiiiing. Can you fix iiiiiiiit?" Of course, the amazing me can always fix it!


Cecile is BAT-CRAP CRAZY, I'm telling you. She's an Aves, a pilot, and her freaking hobby is kamikaze dives. I mean, who DOES that?!...other than Cecile. Well, U...and sometimes K...forget it.


Damini creeps me out, to be honest. She's completely blind, but I have never ever seen her stumble or miss something on the table. I mean, she knows who comes in before they even say a word. She's the top Birdwatcher, one of the discreet information gatherers (minimum wage spy). Nobody in her ranks goes against her, EVER. Honestly, I'm too creeped out to question why.


Eveta's pretty cool. She's alright to e around and she keeps O in line, so you'll hear no complaints here. Eveta is a Rider, a reconnaissance agent. Her personal job is usually to just keep an eye on regions as a whole (report any unrest, mostly). She's very polite but pulls off that "don't screw with me" vibe reaaaaaally well.


M'kay, so take it from me, Falgun is hopeless. He's a total sap and would totally die for his girlfriend in a heartbeat. That's Ada, if you don't remember. He's a Reader, meaning he goes around fixing pipes and whatnot. He keeps the machinery (the grunt stuff, not the finery I work with).


So, honestly? Ganessa freaks the crap out of me. She's a keeper, one of the record keepers/writers in the Agency. She's like the scariest dang librarian you'll ever see. I have no doubts that she would totally kill someone and eat them. Seriously. Havlard (that little worm) mocks me for it, but I swear it's true!!!

Okay, so that's the first batch. I'll post the next group later!

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