Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet the Agents Part 4!


Vaki is a Mast Runner like Ada; they are the only Mast Runners in the Agency. Vaki is quiet and strict; she likes things orderly. She enjoys music, and often goes to Yun's quarters to hear her practice. She is required to carry a dagger at all times, but has never used it. She prefers guns, especially her rifle sword. She's waaaaay too deadly with that thing...*shudders*



Xyzi is a Tollunt, Latin for "One Who Destroys". She is most often found cackling madly and destroying everything and anything. She is the epitome of "rebel" and a bit of a loose cannon. The only one who can keep her in line is her boyfriend, T. I dislike her ALMOST as much as her stupid boyfriend.


Yun is a musician Bird Watcher; she represents the peacock. Yun is gentle and softspoken, but her ears miss nothing, not the vibratto of a note nor the whisper of a rebellion. She's deadly and has a dangerously short fuse.


I. HATE. THIS. GIRL. Zwei (pronouned like "way" but with a z, not the German way) is a creepy little girl with who runs around with knives. Never good. EVER. She's super-sadistic and nobody really likes her. She doesn't have a designation in the Agency, they just use her for whatever job they need done. And she does it.