Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meet the Agents Part 3!


Odea is...weird. She's all happy and perky and all that, but she's also sadistic. Kinda like Ganessa, but without the ultra weirdness. Just...lower levels of weird. She's a rider and her twin sister is a screamer. Very bizarre. They're identical twins, even in hair-length. It's very weird. But whatever.


So, we call P the "Slasher". She just walks around with her creepy sword and cuts people up. She's violent, unpredictable, and a master of the sword and Scrabble (seriously, no one can beat her!).


is WEIRD. Okay? She's super bizarre and is always spouting off something or other about crows. I mean, for crying out loud she speaks in Haiku! Who does that?!


Ronan is a Coiler, an alchemist. He teases everyone but is a team player when it matters. He's brilliant. He can also be quite cold. Poor Sanya has been in love with him for years, but he'll never respond to her. He only believes in science, not love.


Ooooh man. S is crazy over Rounan. Not that he cares, the jerk. He only cares about his work. S is a bird-watcher; her bird is the turtledove. She's a dancer, that's how she gets all her info.


"How about a wager?" This is Tius' catchphrase. A reader of tarot cards and an absurdly good gambler, Tius is a Bird Watcher. While Damini represents the bird in it's all-seeing glory, Tius represents the dragon, fierce and unyielding. Tius loves to bet, has the luck of a god, and never loses. He gambles not for money, but information. I have never EVER seen him lose.

Ulisa's HER fault that poor innocent K is a smoker. So, U is a Aves (stupid flyheads). She's totally nuts for her job and is always pulling stupid stunts, in and out of the cockpit.

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