Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet the Agents Part 2!

Okay, so I don't have a good (stupid enough) picture of Havlard the Plague, so I'll get back to him.


Issa's pretty awesome. She's the Agency's Gazer, meaning she makes scientific predictions based on astrology. She's VERY rarely wrong. She's also freaking fearless, as shown by her act of sort of "taking in" Monta (insert shudder). Screamers in general are pretty unstable, but Monta really takes the cake. Anyway, Issa is brilliant, and she's way calm. She's like the Athena of the Agency.


I. HATE. THIS. CHICK. Seriously, she's a crazy psycho witch! She actually believes in something as unscientific as VOODOO. I mean, she sacrifices people for this crap. I wouldn't put it past her to go after a fellow agent, actually. If there was any justice left in the world, then she and Monta would be exiled to...I dunno...France, or something. Nobody likes France anyways.


Khalil is a sweetheart--but he smokes, which is revolting. You can blame Cecile and Ultissa for that one. Losers...Anyway, Khal is a Aves, a pilot. He loves his job to death; flying to him is like breathing to the rest of us. He lives for it. He's a little softspoken, but when he gets excited enough, he'll talk your ears off.


Lavina is...kinda quirky. She doesn't actually have a set job in the Agency. She just kind of...monitors things, really. She hangs out with the Keepers, mostly, so I don't really talk to her that much. Everyone just calls her "Lolita".


Uh, yeah, so have I mentioned my absolute HATRED for this guy? Yeah? I thought so. He's a class-A creeper. He talks to himself (usually while he's in possession of sharp pointed objects, which makes it way creepier) and has this creepy-A laugh that he can never really stop once it starts. I avoid him as much as is humanly possible.


Okay. I LOVE Nisi. She's adorable and she likes me best! *fistpump* Nisi doesn't have a job, she mainly runs errands (usually for me; or Ada or Havlard, I guess). She has like no genes capable of hatred...except towards Z, maybe, which I can TOTALLY understand.

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